We understand that your brand’s image plays a pivotal role in today’s marketing strategies. It’s what sets Your brand apart from the rest. Making sure your customers get the authentic product they paid for is important to maintain the high quality perception that consumers have of your brand.

Your company spends significant money to develop your products and brands to the market. We want to help you protect you products throughout the supply chain. Let us give you the tools to secure the integrity of your valuable brand name and image.

With our technology your packaging can be upgraded against counterfeits. Our mark is not obtrusive nor disturbing your intended visual shelf appearance whilst forming a defense barrier against fakes.

Authentication of the invisible, embedded code uses proprietary (mobile) device; first line-of-defense is an 'offline' surface scan that verifies activated identifiers anywhere in the world at any time even without the necessity to connect to a database! Nevertheless, a device may connect to an secure environment for further, online data analysis (Track & Trace functionality). By incorporating strategically positioned stations throughout the whole supply chain, serialised codes/products are not only tracked but simultaneously authenticated.



It is an everlasting race to stay ahead of counterfeiters that copy or mimic documents security features. MOZAIQ technology enables you to stay ahead of the game to secure such valuable papers;

Unique InfraRed inkjet technology is used to create an invisible, dynamic watermark-like code on a surface. Contrary to existing static watermarks in banknotes, MOZAIQ applies serialised unique identifiers onto every single label or packaging. Since this technology relies on embedded surface print, it cannot be hacked nor (chemically) separated from its surface, giving it the highest possible security available. Over-printing is readily possible, potentially freeing up advertising space.

Integrating new technologies is often cumbersome, especially when it involves complex documents and/or production lines.


MOZAIQ’s modular design allows for custom implementation; Either as stand-alone unit, but also retro-fitting onto existing production lines is possible. Seamless integration in your work flow is our top priority.


Commonly security is achieved by adding multiple components to protect its vulnerable core. 

 we have listened to our customers and have taken an integral approach. even if each of its components provides a protection fence, it is the interlocked collaboration of the full system that builds Confidence.













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